The “Good Deed” of Allentown, NJ Violation Ticket Campaign

If you are viewing this page you / or someone you know most likely received a “Violation Ticket” which explains they have violated the “Good Deed” laws of Allentown, NJ.


The main purpose of this campaign was to bring awareness to the community for any & all good deeds that are committed in Allentown, NJ. This campaign was in collaboration with the Allentown New Jersey Police Department & Supporting Businesess.

Please NOTE: These are NOT real violations & no fines need actually be paid…nor do you need to appear in court. You simply have earned yourself ( 1 ) free ice cream from Heavenly Havens Creamery by doing a “Good Deed” in our community. Which should be redeem by September 1st, 2017.

This “Violation Ticket” was meant to be for entertainment / prank purposes & is a way to give back to the children of our local  community. If you have any more questions / concerns regarding this campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact someone from Heavenly Havens Creamery. We hope you enjoy your frozen treat & will continue the good work!

Now What Do I Do?

  • PLEASE, make sure you leave the entire ticket intact with both top & bottom portions. The cashier will remove the bottom portion of the ticket upon checkout.
  • Take a “Mug Shot” picture & show off your new “violation” online by tagging #ATownLawBreaker #AllentownPoliceNJ #HeavenlyHavensCreamery. (Or you can upload your “Mug Shot” to Facebook page / tag us.)
  • Visit one of Heavenly Havens Creamery Ice Cream locations in Allentown, NJ & Hamilton, NJ with your ticket & you can redeem your ( 1 ) Free Small Ice Cream before September 1st, 2017.

A Special Thank You to Allentown New Jersey Police Department, Heavenly Havens Creamery, the “Good Deed” Ticket Campaign Organizers & Steven Gerritse for Website / Graphic & Print Design.

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