We appreciate you thinking of us for your fundraiser!

Typically we exceed our monetary gift / donation budget rather quickly, as we get approached all the time to work with many of the local schools, churches, non-profit organizations and sport teams. We decided that instead of not being able to giving back to the community & turning individuals down as they approached us.

We Started to do “In-Store” Fundraisers which benefit all parties. We are able to donate a percentage of the revenue generated for said “event”. Sometimes the amount that gets raised through these fundraisers even end up exceeding the original donation request / goal.

We prefer to do fundraisers on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays, but depending on the Event / Cause / Time of year we can make exceptions for weekends / multiple days fundraisers.

How Our Fundraiser Works:

We always encourage that “Fundraiser Holders” stay on location for as long as they plan on doing the fundraiser. You may “lightly” decorate the store – place any marketing materials / tables up / signage if your event requires it.

We appreciate you thinking of Heavenly Havens Creamery for your Fundraiser. We look forward to your response & doing your fundraiser in the future! If you have any questions / concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

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